WS 15/16

For decades, the Neckar’s waterfront areas have been shaped by industrial and commercial uses. Thus the quarter by the gasholder doesn’t precisely gain from its riverside position: the proximity to the water is hardly perceptible, relations to the adjoin urban and landscape areas are weakly pronounced, the development is at a standstill.

In recent years, the potentials of Stuttgart’s areas along the Neckar gained more and more attention. Against this backdrop, the task of the Project City and Landscape is to design urban scenarios for the future development of a neighbourhood at the Neckar. The aim is to draft a new quarter with high-quality urban spaces and to create a connection to the existing urban and natural areas.

For the area around the gasholder, the design at hand proposed a inner-city urban quarter. This involves a generously dimensioned fabric of public spaces and a typology combining compact blocks and solitary buildings. As structuring design element, the Klingenbach will be staged as central part of the new open space – as of yet a piped watercourse, originally running through the quarter of Gaisburg and crossing the area by the gasholder from there.

The Klingenbach will be lead through the new quarter as an open water body. Along its course, a system of open spaces emerges with a sequence of urban and green spaces. This open space element dissolves the strict block structure of the quarter and creates different block layouts and relations.In the quarter’s centre, mainly residential use in varying forms is proposed. The diverse range of uses planes in the ground floors shall activate the open spaces. Along the edges of the quarter a mix of service and commercial uses allows for an appropriate transition to the adjoining industrial areas.

Author/sDavid Goldberg, Peter Richter, Maximilian Ritter von Sporschill
Phase(EN)Final Submission
CategoriesBachelor Project