SS 08

Friendly, active, natural, gruff, precious, rough, strong, clear, strict... material properties and their aesthetical impact are often distilled down to one word.

Material properties include physical as well as optical and haptic attributes. The physical features define possible manners of processing and construction. Optical and haptic material properties influence the perception and determine the atmosphere of a place. The project works on the correlation of material properties and the search for form. Typical construction, manners of processing and surface treatment of steel, wood, stone, concrete and plastics are objects of investigation. We will work with analogue and digital models on different scales. Aesthetical principles for a landscape architectural design in Berlin-Kreuzberg are to be derived from the testing models.

The plot in Kreuzberg (Cuvrystrasse/Köpenicker Strasse) measures 160m x 60m. Its particular features include the elongated layout and the distinct spatial edges. In the north, the area borders on the Spree, in the east stretches of firewall of 22m height. The wall surface is interrupted by yard incisions. The other two sides are enclosed by streets.

The design for the site is to be thoroughly investigated and detailed regarding its spatial impact, its materiality and its constructive appearance. On that point, a three dimensional digital model with real heights is required besides analogue models for both for overview and in detail.

A pathway extends from the street to the firewall, where it takes a turn and leads back to the street. This way the strip stretches from the urban areas until the shore of the Spree. The pathway slopes upwards by 1-1,5m in direction of the firewall. Along the way, grass bank mediate the transition to differently mowed lawns. This way it shapes the open area and divides it in different sections. The way itself is planned as a smooth strip of concrete. The seating accommodations are also made of concrete; in their respective formation they belong to the pathway. At the waterfront, the pathway ascends and turns into a bridge. It submits the view over the Spree area and emphasizes the riverbank at once.

BearbeitungAlexandra Blechschmidt, Chrostopher Opialla, Alke Sumfleth