SS 08

The aim is to develop a wall which functions as border in the open space yet both separates and connects at the same time. It is to be created with minimum dimensions of 45m x 2,5m x 0,5m. The wall can have several purposes: it may accompany a stretch of way, provide shade, focalise glances, offer staying areas, afford an overview, form a sequence, submit appropriation, be conquered, permit openings, define the atmosphere of an open space, emphasize the vertical or the horizontal… It is to be designed for a fictive open space.

Points are to be made concerning construction, detail and materiality, that express the ideas for the wall in an artistic manner. Constructive and fanned out elements are to be particularly considered.

Respective sizes of building components and ways of construction, but also surface and material qualities are to be taken into account. The design is to be presented as plan and model in scale 1:50/1:20.